What is content://com.android.browser.home/?


If you are wondering what is content://com.android.browser.home/index then, let us tell you that this is a very useful browser address that is used by people to change the default browser page of any android phone. 

This particular address is not an application but it is rather a directory in your mobile phone only android that is changed when you try to change the settings for the default web page of your web browser. Usually, most people have Google chrome as their android browser home page but sometimes, there can be other home pages that you may find convenient to use and this is why people change their default home page of the web browser. We will tell you how you can use this address to personalize your web browser.

Steps to change the default homepage of a Web browser in android

Follow the steps and then use content com android browser home address to change your web browser. 

  1. Open the settings of your mobile phone and then go to the Apps section. 

  2. There, you have to look for the default browse app and then change the home page to any web browser that you want. 

Hope that the process is clear to you and you can use this to change your web browser as per your wishes.


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