Extra Torrent Proxy | Unblock All Extra torrents Sites

Extra Torrent sites are just a replica or mirror-like: extratorrents.ch, extratorrent.si,  extratorrents-cc.com, extratorrent.ag, extratorrent.cd, extratorrent2.net, extratorrent.cc,  extratorrent.eu, extratorrent.setratorrent.se, unblock123 extratorrents and other parent sites.  Despite being a replica, they have all the contents that extratorrent was having. These sites are  developed by talented developers and coders who always try to provide better service and provide domain and deliver content. 


Banning Extra Torrents Proxy and mirror sites is almost impossible for authorities as these sites don’t have any connection with the downloader and server. Even VPNs also don’t get access to downloading the files. But access to Extra Torrents can be gained without a VPN by the process called cloning which is like copying the content of the original site in which by just clicking on the proxy site, it will take you to the homepage of that site. 


These sites have to make money for their sites to function and use different ways to make money about which users don’t know much about. Users should have good antivirus to prevent themselves from any problems. One should use VPN as it is better for both the user and  Internet Service Provider. 

Above all do the right things as they are to make money for them without caring about others' security.