How to check an airtel number?


How to check airtel number Airtel mobile, this is a very common question asked by many users that is why after doing some research we are going to tell you some ways to do so. 


Method no. 1 – Using the USSD code 


  1. This is the easiest way to check how to know your airtel number or airtel mobile number and for this, you first need to insert your SIM into your mobile phone. 

  2. In this step the users have to activate SIM and then dial the code of *282# and click on the call button. 

  3. A message will be displayed on your screen with the mobile number of your current SIM so that you can note it down. 


Method no. 2 – Using another USSD code 


If the USSD code used in the first method is not working then the users can use another USSD code. 


  1. The users do not have to dial *121# on their dial pad and then hit on the call button. 

  2. As soon as you will click on the dial button a message will pop up on your screen which will show your phone number and you can know ‘check how to find airtel number airtel postpaid customer care.’